Shielding Your Home: Power Surge Protection Tips & Expert Advice

May 19, 2023 | Tips and Tricks in Electrical

Shielding Your Home: Power Surge Protection Tips & Expert Advice

Imagine hearing the loud noise of thunder and seeing bright flashes of lightning outside your windows. It’s a moment that makes you feel uneasy because you worry about your appliances getting damaged from sudden increases in electrical power. While thunderstorms understandably make you anxious, it might surprise you to know that they aren’t the only threat to your home’s electrical system. In fact, most power surges happen because of things inside your home’s wiring. Many devices that use motors, like fridges, water pumps, and even hairdryers, are the main reasons for power surges at home. These devices use a lot of energy, and when they’re turned off, the extra electrical voltage goes back through your home’s wiring, sometimes going over the maximum limit of 169 volts for devices running on 120 volts in the United States.

This extra voltage can harm the devices you have plugged in. Power surges can also be caused by faulty or inadequate wiring in your house, which can’t handle sudden voltage spikes. Also, short circuits and tripped circuit breakers can lead to damaging power surges. In the worst cases, power surges can even cause house fires. That’s why it’s crucial not to underestimate the seriousness of this issue. So, what can you do to protect yourself from this dangerous phenomenon? The answer lies in Power Surge Protection. By investing in power surge protection devices, you can safeguard your valuable electronics and appliances from the harmful effects of power surges. These devices act as barriers, absorbing and redirecting excess voltage away from your devices, ensuring their safety. Additionally, ensuring proper wiring, using surge-protected power strips, and considering whole-house surge protection can further enhance your defense against power surges. Don’t leave your home vulnerable to the risks of power surges. Take proactive measures today with Power Surge Protection to secure your electronic investments and ensure peace of mind.

Shielding Your Home: Power Surge Protection Tips & Expert Advice


Power Surge Protection starts with a vital step: contacting dependable electricians in Easthampton, MA. These experts possess the necessary expertise to assess the condition of your wiring and identify potential issues. If any damaged wires are detected, they will offer recommendations for the necessary repairs to minimize the risk of surges. By reaching out to trusted electricians, you guarantee that your electrical system is in optimal shape and well-protected against power surges. Take proactive measures today and prioritize Power Surge Protection by consulting reliable electricians for a secure and resilient electrical infrastructure.


Upgrade ’80s home wiring for Power Surge Protection. Inadequate wiring can’t handle modern appliances, causing blown fuses and tripped breakers. Replace wiring to ensure safety and protect devices. Trusted electricians assess and recommend repairs or upgrades for reliable surge prevention.

Shielding Your Home: Power Surge Protection Tips & Expert Advice


To ensure effective Power Surge Protection, be mindful of any abandoned or unused appliances that are still plugged into sockets in your home. Even when not in use, these devices draw a small amount of electricity, which strains your circuitry and increases the risk of power surges. Additionally, leaving multiple items plugged in, whether in use or not, heightens the potential for damaging multiple devices during a surge. Make it a habit to unplug everything that is not in use before leaving home, as this simple practice helps mitigate power surges and protects your appliances.


To ensure effective Power Surge Protection, it’s crucial to understand the limitations of surge protectors. While they provide some safeguarding, surge protectors function similarly to extension cords and have limited voltage absorption capacity. This can leave certain appliances vulnerable to damage. However, you can enhance protection by opting for whole-house surge protectors. These devices connect directly to your electric service box, offering higher voltage absorption capacity than individual surge protectors. 

When choosing a whole-house surge protector, prioritize larger ones with a minimum capacity of 600 Joules. Invest in robust surge protection to prioritize prevention and safeguard your home from power surges.


Power Surge Protection is an essential investment for added safety. Surge protectors, resembling power strips, are capable of absorbing electrical surges and redirecting them away from your valuable devices. Don’t underestimate the potential damage caused by damaged appliances or house fires, which can result in severe consequences for your home, possessions, and even lives at risk. Protect your home against power surges with Power Surge Protection. Whether you need a wiring inspection or installation of a whole-home surge protector, it’s crucial to consult a trusted electrician. They will ensure the safety of your home and provide you with peace of mind through reliable Power Surge Protection. To get your free estimation click here.